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Bass Pedal Back
Bass Pedal Front (Wireframe)
Bass Pedal Back (Wireframe)
Bass Pedal Front
Pedal Texture Breakdown


Self Motivated Project

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop & Substance Designer

Tri Count: 4.3k

Vert Count: 2.5k

Maps: Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metalness & Emissive


Project Motivation:

I wanted to start a project that would allow me to practice my hard surface modelling techniques in 3D Studio Max. I also thought this would be an opportune time to gain a more in depth knowledge of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) material workflows using Substance Designer & Photoshop. I really wanted to create something music related that would provide an interesting subject matter so I could bring both my passions (art & music) together.

As I own this particular pedal I worked mostly on this project with it in front of me. That being said, I did compile some reference images to examine how the materials the pedal is made of reacted under different lighting conditions. I also made sure to gather images of older pedals featuring some wear & tear. My pedal is pretty well looked after so this was vital to visualising where the majority of scrapes, dents and dirt would accumulate based on real world use.

Real World Reference

High Poly Mesh

High Poly Model

Substance Material
Reference Sheet 01
Exploded Mesh for Bake

Exploded Mesh for Bake

I started by creating individual material graphs for each material the pedal was made up of in Substance Designer (rough plastic, glossy plastic, steel, rubber etc..). I then combined these materials masking each to its appropriate area of the model using a custom ID mask I created in Photoshop.


The text/ dial colour is linked to a parameter that allows customisation on the fly in-engine. This is useful for breaking up repeating assets/ textures and although it may not be too useful on an asset like this it was a valuable technique to learn for future projects.

PBR Material Creation

Colour Change Parameter Examples

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